Shot at Dawn is commissioned by the Ruskin School of Art at the University
of Oxford as part of 14–18 NOW, WW1 Centenary Art Commissions

Sponsored by Genesis Imaging and supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund and by
the British Council, Government of Flanders, John Fell OUP Research
Fund and Van Houten Fund

Shot at Dawn is included in the First World War Centenary Partnership, Oxford World War I Centenary Programme and World War I Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings and is one of a portfolio of projects celebrating twenty years of research at the Ruskin School of Art

Chloe Dewe Mathews would like to express her thanks and appreciation
to those who have made this project possible and continue to support her work, including William Stevens, Bernard and Catherine Dewe Mathews, Paul Bonaventura, Hew Strachan, Helen McCartney, Geoff Dyer, Julian Putkowski, Piet Chielens, André Bach, Laurent Loiseau, Denis Rolland, Eric Mansuy, Madame Dambrine, Marie-Odile Georges, Johannes Lootens, Rod and Jackie Bedford, Annemie Morisse, Denis and Bernard Capron, Camille Marquis, Vivier Vermaut, Marjorie Guy, Peter Doyle, Franky Bostyn, Zelda Cheatle, Fiona Rogers, Sean O’Hagan, Genesis Imaging (Mark Foxwell, Ken Sethi, Alex de Hass and Gabrielle Brooks), BDI Images (Chris Clarke, Alan Beechey and Brian Dowling), Touch Digital (Kaoru Rose, Kim Stevenson and Graeme Bulcraig) and Panos Pictures (Adrian Evans, Francesca Sears, Michael Regnier, Josh Lustig, Paula James, Anna Stevens, Harry Hadie and Valeria Cardi)

In addition the Ruskin School of Art would like to offer its gratitude to
the many other individuals who have assisted on various aspects of the commission, including Abigail Priddle, Adrian Gregory, Alex Peake, Amanda Catto, Andrea Rose, Andrew Daines, Atenea Carbajosa, Ben Harman, Brett Rogers, Caroline Smith, Catherine Mailhac, Cathy Gallagher, Celia Davies, Cheryl Connell, Cristina Giménez, Daniela Macías, David González Márquez, Deirdre MacKenna, Diane Dufour, Elena Ochoa Foster, Felix Römer, Florian Ebner, Geert De Proost, Helen Healy, Inge De Feyter, Jenny Waldman, Jessica Ruiz, Joachim Naudts, Juan Pablo Díaz, Julia Handelman-Smith, Karen McQuaid, Karen Sweeney, Kate Jones, Katharine Lindsay, Kathleen Palmer, Laëtitia Manach, Lotte Ysenbrandt, Mark Hayhurst, Markus Pöhlmann, Marta Amigo, Meroë Candy, Mike Webb, Moira Jeffrey, Mun-Jung Chang, Nicholas Stargardt, Nigel Hinds, Pak Ling Wan, Paul Docherty, Paul Moorhouse, Paul Tame, Paula Romero, Pia Viewing, Rachael Thomas, Rein Deslé, Richard Carr, Rob Johnson, Roger Malbert, Rosemary Mills, Roya Nikkah, Sandrine Mahieu, Sandy Nairne, Santiago Riveiro, Sarah Bagshaw, Sarah Glennie, Shoair Mavlian, Shonagh Manson, Simon Baker, Stephanie Allen, Stuart Lee, Tobia Bezzola, Vivienne Reiss, William Ewing and Zoe Dunbar

All images © Chloe Dewe Mathews 2014
All texts © Ruskin School of Art / University of Oxford 2014